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Yuletide letter 2011

Much of this is going to repeat from last year, though I do have one new fandom, and some updates for previously-requested ones.  I love Yuletide dearly and hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

In addition to the notes I made in my request: Erotica wouldn't be my first choice, and neither would angst (unless it's accompanied by a significant amount of making it better).  Squicks in ALL fandoms are non-con, embarrassment and deathfic.

Astro City: I just really want more stories from this world; I love Astro City beyond the telling of it.  That said--as much as I enjoyed the Dark Ages, I don't really want Royal and Willam fanfic.  If you want to go into Street Angel or the Apollo Eleven or a random Astro City citizen living beneath Big Joe, that'd be cool, but elsewhen in Astro City would also be awesome.  I'd love to see Quarrel, the Irregulars or the Flying Fox.

Newsflesh: I am deeply, deeply in love with these books and one of my many, many favorite things about them is the relationship between George and Shaun.  George calls it co-dependant and I think that's kind of cute.  I'd love to see a moment from their teenage years, being together, but if you have a better George-and-Shaun idea I am all for it!  Any time up through the end of DEADLINE would be a fine setting, seeing as we do pretty much get to keep George in that book, but future speculation might fall flat with me.  And as I mentioned, I'm okay whether or not you want to go the Georgia/Shaun route or leave it ambiguous or whatever, I won't get squicked.

Blue Beetle:  Jaime has the best supporting cast in comics, bar none! All of these characters have interesting and important relationships with both blood families and found families.  I'd love to see a behind-the-scenes with them during a Blue Beetle adventure, or the group encountering/interacting with the larger superhero community, or even Traci and how she fits into the close-knit group Jaime has.

Warehouse 13: I love this group, their variety and different viewpoints and how they're all family in their wacky world.  I love Claudia and Steve's friendship--I'd love to see them being cute together.  Any combination of the current group being together and awesome--whether it's an artifact hunt or a snowball fight--would be fantastic.  I'm a Myka/HG shipper but gen is lovely too. My only please-don't is for the love of Pete please don't pair the current partners romantically (Claudia/Steve or Pete/Myka) because they work wonderfully as friends.

I love long and plotty and fun and AUs and hilariousness and introspective and everyone working together and action and sillyness.  Optional details are optional, so whatever you get an idea for, go for it, be it a space pirates AU or a couple of characters hanging out.

If you want to take a look at other stories I like, please poke around my memories here on LJ and/or my bookmarks over at AO3.

This will be my third year for Yuletide and it's definitely become one of my favorite parts of the season. I had a fantastic time last year and I can't wait to get started this year. It's great fun and I love it, and I hope you do, too!

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