ladymordecai (ladymordecai) wrote,

Yuletide 2010!

Well met, fellow scribe!

In general, what I love about Yuletide is the chance to have a little bit of happiness in fandoms I don't get to spend much time in.  I like comfortable, quiet gen, and plotty zaniness, and AUs, and everything in between.

Erotica wouldn't be my first choice, and neither would angst (unless it's accompanied by a significant amount of making it better).  Squicks in ALL fandoms are non-con, embarrassment and deathfic.

Astro City: I just really want more stories from this world; I love Astro City beyond the telling of it.  That said--as much as I enjoyed the Dark Ages, I don't really want Royal and Willam fanfic.  If you want to go into Street Angel or the Apollo Eleven or a random Astro City citizen living beneath Big Joe, that'd be cool, but elsewhen in Astro City would also be awesome.  I'd love to see Quarrel or the Flying Fox.

Newsflesh: I am deeply, deeply in love with this book (I can't believe we have to wait a year for the next one!) and one of my many, many favorite things about it is the relationship between George and Shaun.  George calls it co-dependant and I think that's kind of cute.  As I said in my request, I'd love to see a moment from their teenage years, being together, but if you have a better George-and-Shaun idea I am all for it!  That said, please no incest.  Love does not always mean romance/sex.

Blue Beetle:  Jaime has the best supporting cast in comics, bar none! All of these characters have interesting and important relationships with both blood families and found families, and I'd love a happy family sort of moment with them.

Rizzoli and Isles: This show is fantastic, for me especially because it's a buddy cop show with women as the main characters.  As my signup said, I'd love to know how they met and became friends.  If pre-show fic isn't your thing, I would be up for a buddy cop show cliche fanfic--either cannon cliche or fanfic cliche is fine!

As it said in the signups, these are all suggestions, and if you have an idea gnawing at you, please do go with that.

If you want to take a look at other stories I like, please poke around my memories here on LJ and/or my bookmarks over at AO3.

I have to say, this is only my second year doing Yuletide, but I had a fantastic time last year and I can't wait to get started this year.  It's great fun and I love it, and I hope you do, too!


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