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Hello again, internet!  Sadly, this time I do not come bearing fanfic.  I do come bearing a question for anyone reading this who reads comics, and the question is--Batgirl?

On the one hand, I have heard awesome things about this title.  The writing is supposed to be quippy and touching, Steph finally come into her own, etc etc.  It's also a monthly title with a female lead, which I am all about supporting.

On the other hand . . . dammit, I want my slightly disabled Asian Batgirl back!  I'm picking up Cass's trades and back issues, but it doesn't feel right that I never bought Cass's title (for reasons of not being able to afford to buy anything but the occasional Astro City at the time) and now I'm considering buying the able white girl's title.  It's a squicky comparison for me.

Thoughts?  Counter-arguments?  Is the title worth it anyway?
Tags: dc comics, feminism
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