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The Princess and the Frog!

Yuletide and 3_ships fics coming along nicely, having a good holiday season, also I SAW THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG, PEOPLE, AND IT IS AWESOME.

Disney's first traditionally-animated film in more than five years is set in 1920s New Orleans, and our main character is Tiana--a girl after my own heart. Tiana is wonderful, the animation is gorgeous, the music made me dance in my seat and the story is true Disney magic.

You might have doubts. I did. The hiccuppy firefly and giant aligator in the preview alarmed me, but the lure of traditional animation and a 1920s fairy tale got me into the theater, and I am SO glad I went. I've been humming the music since I got home! And there's a LOT of music. None of this five songs per movie stuff. There's a song everywhere a song would be good for the story.

If you're rushing to finish Yuletide or another holiday fic exchange, if your family's driving you crazy, if you have little ones (or not so little ones!) who need entertainment, head out to your local theater and check out The Princess and the Frog. I LOVED IT.
Tags: movie review, reccomendations
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