ladymordecai (ladymordecai) wrote,

Yuletide Dear Writer letter

Greetings, fellow writer of tiny fandoms!

What I most enjoy are complicated, loving relationships, as explicit or implicit as you like. Happy endings are lovely. I like seeing deep inside a character's head, or seeing how they interact with parts of their world we don't usually see them interacting with. I like found families, action, day-in-the-life, plot, really almost anything. Grammar is awesome. Any rating is fine, though with these fandoms I'd prefer a G-PG-15 kind of range.

Squicks in ALL fandoms are non-con, embarrassment, deathfic and excessive angst (h/c is fine as long as it's heavy on the "c"!).

Astro City: You might've guessed from the fact that I requested this fandom twice that I'd just really love some AC fic--there's not enough canon, which isn't a problem in my other fandoms. If you're doing "any" characters, I'd love to see an in-depth look at some of AC's more obscure characters, especially Flying Fox, Nightingale and Sunbird, or the Irregulars. If you signed up for Cleopatra/Jack-in-the-Box/Quarrel/Winged Victory, I am really interested in the legacies or missions of these characters. For the first three--they all inherit their name from someone else, and reinterpret who that name is and what it means. How they did that, or why they did, would be very intruiging. As for WV, she has a very specific mission--how she reconciles being a sort of general superhero along with her mission might be neat. We know a lot about her mission from canon, but what about her?

Or, on a different kind of track, who are they as people? What's a day in their life like?

My Little Pony: I did really like the "adventure show for girls" feel of MLP, but like most tv shows, we only see our characters when they're in interesting situations. What's a normal day like in Paradise Estate? You can go with the idea that they really do go on crazy adventures every day, or that usually Cherries Jubilee cooks and Wind Whistler reads and Magic Star goes on picnics with Shady.

Blue Beetle: Jaime has the best supporting cast in comics, bar none! All of these characters have interesting and important relationships with both blood families and found families, and I'd love a happy family sort of moment with them.

I know that with Yuletide, all prompts are optional, and I am perfectly fine with that! Really, I just want stories in these fandoms. I love them, and would love a story in any of them. MLP is my childhood love, Blue Beetle is my latest crush, and I have a sort of enduring best-friendship with Astro City. Write something you're proud of, and I'll be pleased to read it.

Thanks, and happy yuletide!

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