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Voyager ficlet #3

Third in a series of ficlets that take place during the pilot, “Caretaker.”  All dialogue and situations are directly from the episode, but the boys' thought processes are my own.

Title: Comfortable
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Tom
Rating: G
Summary: Harry didn’t come back with them, and Tom panics.
Disclaimer: Other people own them, but won’t admit to the painfully obvious slash.
Word Count: 238

    Tom’s stomach fell when he saw empty space where Harry should have been, after the being on the Array returned the rest of the crew to Voyager.  He’d flown more spaceships and planes than he could count, been subject to a variety of gravitational forces that would cause most people to lose their lunches, but nothing had ever made him feel that kind of sick drop.  The universe had pulled the rug out from under his feet.  Harry.

    He called Janeway in a panic.  Any other time, he would have been surprised and pleased when she didn’t question him, just acted on what he told her, that she trusted him.

    Now he was frantic with worry, and the parts of his brain not trying to figure out how to get Harry back were wondering why he felt so strongly.  The only answer he could think of was, well, it was Harry.

    Tom scurried to do what Janeway told him, making suggestions and helping wherever he could.  They had to work together.  They had to get through this, and get through to the entity, so they could get Harry back.  The thought of the return trip without Harry’s presence or conversation didn’t appeal, whether seventy-five years or a few weeks.

    Harry made him feel . . . comfortable.  Tom hadn’t been comfortable in years, and hadn’t noticed it until its cause vanished.  He was determined to get that back.

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Tags: character: harry kim, character: tom paris, fanfiction, pairing: harry/tom, series: moments, star trek: voyager

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