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Star Trek: Voyager ficlet #2

Second in a series of ficlets that take place during the pilot, “Caretaker.”  All dialogue and situations are directly from the episode, but the boys' thought processes are my own.

Title: Questionable
Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Tom
Rating: G
Summary: Tom decides he’d rather leave first and spare Harry the process of distancing himself, now that he knows who rescued him.  Harry has other ideas.
Disclaimer: Other people own them, but won’t admit to the painfully obvious slash.
Word Count: 225

    Here it goes again, Tom thought.  The doctor and the first officer eyed Tom disdainfully as they rose from their seats next to Harry.  Anytime he mingled with Starfleet people, they held everything against him.  Was it any wonder he’d joined the Maquis?

    Tom didn’t pay close attention to what he said to Harry.  Let the boy off easy, he thought, he’s been friendly so far but he’ll hate me now, now that he knows what I did.  Give him an honorable way out of a questionable friendship.  Tom told him they were right, that he was an unlucky person to know.  He stood and walked away, throat tight.  Harry had only been nice to him because he didn’t know.  Voyager could only host him for a few weeks, and then it would be back to the New Zealand penal colony.  He could take a few weeks of cold shoulders.

    Then Harry turned around and declared that he wouldn’t let anyone decide who his friends were.  Tom looked down and saw a determined expression and--wonder of wonders, sympathy without pity in dark brown eyes.

    Janeway summoned him before he could respond.  Tom frowned, shrugged, and headed for his Captain, Harry beside him.

    As they rode up to the bridge, Tom found himself looking forward to spending a lot more time with Harry beside him.

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Tags: character: harry kim, character: tom paris, fanfiction, pairing: harry/tom, series: moments, star trek: voyager
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